Week 2: Activity – Graffiti Name


Graffiti in our modern world is among the most controversial and the most visually spectacular art forms.This was made clear to me in the documentary shown in class titled Bomb It. A work of graffiti can be as simple as gang tag and as elaborate as a mural. Also the message associated with graffiti can extend from a simple act of delinquency to a powerful symbol of rebellion against society its message to the common people.

Our first activity for Art 110 was to write your name with spray paint in the typical graffiti “bubble letters.” Initially I believed the activity would be very easy, but I was soon to find out I was wrong. Doing this activity made me realize the true complexity and attention to detail required to graffiti well.

I began the activity by sketching out my name in bubble letters with the help of the tutorial available on the class webpage. After messing up several times, I finally had a sketch to base my graffiti on. But that was not the end of my worries. My first attempt at spray painting resulted in a blotchy mess that barely fit on the piece of cardboard. My next attempt was an improvement given that I was able to fit my name on the cardboard, but I encountered problems when it came to coloring the letters in. After a few more attempts, I had a satisfactory work of art.

This assignment helped me realize all the complex components required that go into a work of graffiti art. I now further understand that graffiti transcends the theme of delinquency it is often associated with and can be in fact an art form with a powerful message and a very intriguing visual aesthetic.


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