Week 2: Conversation w/ Classmate – Cedric Vu

image (1)

For this week, I interviewed Cedric Vu. I met Cedric when I arrived in the courtyard in front of the art galleries on Thursday. Being that I was a few minutes late to class I wasn’t sure who had partners or didn’t. Because of this I was sort of lost until I saw Cedric. I chose to have a conversation with him partly because he didn’t seem to have a partner and looked as lost as I did.

Our conversation started when I asked him for an index card for my attendance drawing. Given that he didn’t have one either, we decided to walk over to the art store to buy some for ourselves. On the walk there I asked him what his major was, to which he said it was Pre-Film. Being that that was my major we began to talk about our film classes and found out that we are in the same class on Tuesday nights.

We then walked over to the No Redemption Value gallery. There we listened to the artist, Maccabee Shelley, talk about his artistic process and describing the various pieces in the gallery. We then discussed what we thought about the pieces and agreed that the process by which they are made was very unique and creative, and that the gallery was overall interesting and enjoyable.


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