Week 3: Conversation w/ Classmate – Rogelio Avina


For Week 3, I had a conversation with Rogelio Avina. He is a sophomore at Cal State Long Beach and just recently declared as a Civil Engineering major. Rogelio currently dorms at Beachside because he is from Lancaster, CA which is about a 2 hour drive away. He told me he is into electrical work and likes to work with construction with his dad, something he has been doing since he was a child.

I then asked Rogelio what he is interested in and what he does in his free time. He told me that he enjoys watching Rob and Big and Ridiculousness. He also enjoys listening to music on the radio and some R&B music. He also enjoys riding motorcycles and knows a lot about cars.  Among his many hobbies, he also enjoys fishing. He told me about one instance where he and his friend once caught a stingray on a fishing trip, which was then killed by his dog.

I continued the conversation asking what he thought about Art 110. Rogelio replied saying that the class was interesting and is a good experience for him. He also mentioned how he liked that the class was fairly easy. I then asked Rogelio how he likes dorming at Beachside to which he said he likes it and also that he likes being away from home. I found meeting Rogelio to be a pleasurable experience.


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