Week 3: Activity – Instagram

image (1)image

This week for the Art 110 activity, I had to post four pictures onto my Instagram of the various things i did or saw throughout my day. Of these included pictures of the various artworks I saw on Thursday as well as funny or casual things I saw throughout my day. Being an active Instagram user, I found this activity to be interesting.

Each activity post required the hashtag #art110s15 in order for all the class’ posts with the hashtag to be on one page to be viewed. When viewing this page, one may just see a scattered, random collection of photos, from selfies to landscape shots. However, I believe that there is a certain connection these photos share.

Though seemingly separate, these pictures have a common theme – modern life. All the pictures reflect a certain aspect of modern life in 2015 America, whether it be a picture of one’s In-n-Out burger or a selfie with the Art 110 teacher. Together, these photos all give a portrait of modern America as seen through the eyes of not only the students of Cal State Long Beach, but perhaps the youth of America as well.


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