Week 4: Activity – Performance Art

image (7)

Last night I decided to do something that I’ve been thinking about doing for a long time. That is to sleep in the bathtub. As some of us may have seen people in movies or TV, some people in a drunken, or otherwise strangely motivated stupor have fallen asleep in the bathtub. This made me rather curious – I wonder how it would feel like to sleep in a bathtub? To find out, I laid a mat and organized a blanket and pillow and took a nap in my reasonably sized bathtub. The sleep actually wasn’t that uncomfortable aha.

image (10)

After my nap in the bathtub, I felt pretty groggy so i decided to help myself to some Red Bull. As I cracked open the beverage, I remembered that I owned a rubber horse mask, one that is famous on the internet for its random nature. So I decided to slip it on then proceeded to enjoy my energy drink. Not all of it actually made it into my mouth however given the wide gap between the horse mask’s and my mouth aha.

I initially found the concept of this assignment to be somewhat confusing because I am a relatively routine person that generally does that same things day after day. Given this, I was not very sure what to do to step out of my comfort zone to do something noteworthy that is out of the ordinary. However after a fair deal of thinking, I spontaneously came up with the ideas to sleep in my bathtub then to drink Red Bull with a horse mask on, things that I have never done but thought about for some time. In the end, I found this assignment to be interesting and fun, and also a good learning experience to step out of my normal boundaries.


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