Week 4: Conversation w/ Student – Magdalena Acevedo

image (4)

This week in Art 110, I met Magdalena Acevedo. I met Magdalena through a friend who is actually not in the Art 110 class but still hangs around the art galleries on Thursdays. While talking with my friend, Magdalena came by and my friend introduced us to each other. Given that neither of us had a partner for the conversation, we decided to have a conversation with each other.

Magdalena is from Moreno Valley, an area near Riverside, currently dorming at Beachside.She is 18 years old, the oldest of five siblings, and an undeclared freshman, although she does have hopes of being an engineer in the future. She also told me that her favorite subject is math because many aspects of engineering require math, and also about her uncle, a civil engineer, who is Magdalena’s inspiration.

In her free time, Magdalena enjoys annoying her friends and drawing various things, particularly hairstyles and eyes. She also listens to most kinds of music and likes to keep an open mind when it comes to music. She also told me she liked Art 110, saying that it is easy on top of being interesting and fun. Magdalena is a very cool person and it was nice talking to her.


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