Week 5: Artist Interview – Dianna Franco

Dianna Franco

Dianna Franco

How long have you been involved with art?

The first question I asked Dianna was how long she has been involved with art. She answered saying that she has been interested in art all her life, starting when she was 3 years old where she would draw small drawings and doodles like many children do. She followed this up by saying that she began to take painting classes when she was 20 years old and has been painting ever since.

Do you name your pieces?

When looking at Dianna’s art, I noticed that they did not have any names or titles given to them. I asked Dianna about this to which she confirmed that she does not. Her reasoning for this is that she wants people to bring their own ideas when they see her paintings, or paintings in general and does not want to influence people’s thoughts on a painting. She also brought up that she is interested in psychology and read a psychology book that said people’s ideas are often geared toward labels given to a particular thing.

Is there any advice you would give to aspiring artists?

I then asked Dianna if there was any advice she would give to young aspiring artists. She responded saying that if someone loves art, that is what they should be doing with their life. However she also noted that one will never know what will happen in life and that people’s thoughts may change over time. Following this up, she also admitted that even she herself is unsure of hat to do with art after her graduation.


I found Dianna’s gallery to be very intriguing. I particularly enjoyed the colors used in her abstract works and the different materials used to make them, which includes acrylic, oils, and and spray paint. I also found it interesting that she did not name her pieces, allowing the viewer of the art to come up with their own meaning to the piece, much like Maccabee Shelley from Week 2. In addition. I also liked her advice to do what you love in your life while also acknowledging that life and your future is ultimately a mystery. I enjoyed Dianna’s art very much.

image (13)        image (14)


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