Week 5: Conversation w/ Student – Prem Muni

image (11)

On week 5 of Art 110, I met Prem Muni. He is a second year student at Cal State Long Beach and a Computer Science major. He commutes from Cerritos and has two younger sisters. He currently does not have a job but is pretty occupied with schoolwork and studying for the 4 classes he is taking this semester.

I asked Prem what he liked to do in his free time, to which he said that he enjoys playing video games, canyon running, and playing basketball. He also added that he likes going to the gym, particularly the CSULB campus gym and the Cerritos City Gym. He also saif he liked working with computers, which goes without saying given his major.

I also asked what job he wants to get with his major. To this he said that he wants to get into app development or video game design. He also told me that he is trying to get an internship with Edison. I then asked him what he thought about Art 110. He said it was a fun class, but is generally indifferent to it given that he took it as a GE. After talking to him, I found Prem to be a very cool, nice person.


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