Week 6: Activity – Yarn Bombing

image (18) image (19)

FA2 Fiber Arts

This week in Art 110, We learned about Yarn Bombing and the Fiber Arts. Yarn bombing and fiber arts are often arts associated with cloth, yarn, or other such things. For example, Yarn Bombing is covering various public objects like lampposts, trees, and subway rails with knitted designs. This week, I went to FA2 to observe some fiber art that was on display there. There I saw many artworks made of cloth, particularly some that seemed to replicate Native American or South American designs. I found the intricate designs and colors of the works to be very interesting and noticed that they seemed to portray themes of nature shown by designs of what seemed to be flowers, trees, and such.

image (20)

Yarn Bombing

This week for my activity, I ripped apart a cloth Urban Outfitters shopping bag and covered the base of a palm tree in my neighborhood. I used the Urban outfitters bag particularly because it was made of cloth and also because it gave me an idea. When put around the base of a tree, I though it would make the tree look like it was in the bag.

Though the result wasn’t that exciting, almost sloppy haha, I thought it got my intention across generally. I wanted it to show that I was, in essence, buying the tree. Almost like I saw the tree in a store and decided to put the tree in my bag to buy. Compared to my graffiti activity, this activity was sloppier because I wasn’t familiar with working with sewing or “yarn bombing.” Though the product wasn’t exactly amazing, I enjoyed the assignment in that it got to thinking about a new art form and helped me think outside the box.


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