Week 6: Artist Interview – Alanna Marcelletti

image (16)        image (17)

Where do you get the materials for your pieces?

I asked Ms. Alanna Marcelletti where she gets the materials for her artworks. She responded saying that she gets them from frequent hardware stores and “Joanne’s” as well. She also added that she sometimes collects things around the house and work, things like clothes, wire, fabrics, etc.

How long have you been doing this style of art and why?

I asked Alanna how long she has been working in the art style exhibited in the gallery and why. She answered saying that she has been doing this for about 8 years. The reason for this is because she has always been a rebel and has worked on pieces that were out of the ordinary. She added to this saying that she does not like limiting herself to painting and canvas works and enjoys experimenting.

Do you name your pieces?

I asked Alanna, as I have asked other artists, whether she names her pieces. She said that she does name them, although the titles were not up anymore next to the artworks. She added saying that she names her pieces based on various factors. She generally names her larger works as a story, like her piece “The Assumption of 3903” which she named based on building plans of a house she lived in, which accounted for the scaffolding present at the right side of the painting, and the number 3903, which was the house’s address. She also said that the smaller paintings are often titled based on character studies of people she knows.


I found Ala Marcelletti’s gallery to be very interesting. One, I liked the many different elements that made up her pieces, which included silks, fabrics, paints, and pieces of clothing. Also I enjoyed the 3-dimensional aspect of her paintings, the pieces often being layered over a hollow, rectangular frame with a thin layer of materials over it. I also enjoyed the themes of displacement and the opposition of opposites that were present in her works.Overall, I found the pieces to be intriguing and thought provoking.


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