Week 7: Artist Interview – Juliette Angulo

image (25)       image (24)

Why are all your pictures in a military setting?

I noticed that Juliette’s cutouts largely were set in a military setting, like hangars with Apache helicopters and army bases. I asked her why this is the case. She responded saying that these are pictures of her younger sister who is currently serving in the armed forces in Kuwait. She also added that her works in the gallery all generally in context of her sister.

Are all the cutouts pictures of your sister?

I then asked Juliette if all the pictures were of her sister. She answered saying that they were. She then explained this saying that the reason her sister is cut out of these pictures is because she is absent from Juliette’s life, “cut out” of her life so to speak. She elaborates on this explanation describing that though her sister’s outline still remains, she is still absent, both spiritually and physically, in Juliette’s life.

Do you only work with photos?

Then I asked Juliette if photography is what she mainly focuses on as an artist. She answered that it was what she does mostly but is not the only form of art she works with. She also works with a variety of different artistic medium, most recently metals.

image (23)image (22)


I found Juliette’s gallery to be rather interesting. I especially liked the symbolic message associated with her pictures, this idea being the absence of her sister, both emotionally and physically. I also enjoyed the precision of the art itself. This is shown by the images of her sister cut out very accurately, often around images of other people or objects. Of all the galleries I found interesting on Thursday, I found a particular interest in this gallery.


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