Week 7: Conversation w/ Student – Pablo Gonzalez

image (21)

On Week 7 of Art 110, I met Pablo Gonzalez. He is a freshman at CSULB and is a Mechanical Engineering major. He is from Seal Beach and commutes to school. Pablo is currently taking 5 classes this semester and hopes to get a job with Boeing with his degree in the future.

Pablo is also a pledge for the frat Phi Gamma Delta at CSULB. He enjoys doing a lot of different things like playing video games (most recently Dragonage), and watching movies and TV shows, especially Game of Thrones. Pablo also noted that he doesn’t listen  to music very often.

During our conversation, I asked Pablo what he thought of Art 110. Pablo responded saying that the class was nice, but is somewhat indifferent to it. He also added that he felt this way because he had to take the class as a GE. After talking with him, I thought Pablo was a pretty chill, nice person.


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