Week 8: Conversation w/ Student – Ngoc Pham

image (31)

This week in Art 110, I met Ngoc Pham. I actually met Ngoc through my friend Darlene, who I interviewed a few weeks ago. Given our mutual friend, I naturally decided to talk with her fr this week’s conversation.

During our talk, I learned a lot about Ngoc. She is a first year student and is double majoring in both Communication and Pre Dentistry at CSULB. She also noted that she doesn’t like math or science, which may have influenced her choice of majors. I also asked why she chose to take Art 110, to which she said, like many other students, that she took it as a general education course and found the class to be enjoyable.

Ngoc also has a lot going on in her personal life. She has a grand total of 4 sisters and 5 brothers and lives in Newport Beach. She doesn’t really hang out with her friends but enjoys surfing and traveling to places around the world. She also likes Korean food, particularly Korean BBQ, country music, and the show Grey’s Anatomy. I really enjoyed talking with Ngoc and I hope to talk to her more in the future.


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