Week 8: Artist Interview – Brian Davis

image (30)image (29)

Do you buy all the ingredients for your juices?

After seeing all the various fruits and vegetables at Brian’s juice setup, I asked him if he bought them all himself. He answered me saying that he doesn’t buy it all but rather grows a lot of it himself. He also gets donations from friends of his who also grow fruits and vegetables. He also mentioned that because he is usually a ceramic artist, he spends most of his money on art supplies.

Do you know what fruits/ vegetables go well with each other?

Brian responded to this question saying that he initially did not know exactly what went well with what. When he started, he used a lot of fruit to make his juices to make it sweet. But over time, he learned what ingredients went well with what. He also noted that his taste for juices changed, preferring more vegetables in his juice than fruits. As he stated “I now like 90% vegetables and 10% fruit.”

What inspired you to organize this room?

When I asked Brian this question, he said that he did it for a variety of reasons. Primarily, however, he said that he wanted to create a space for his friends to perform and show their work. He also said that he has done shows in the past that were more object based and were not very interactive and created this hostel to create a more interactive setting.


Brian Davis’s exhibit was something truly original. His art wasn’t limited to sculpture or the canvas but went beyond such styles, something based more in reality. Though what he presented may have seemed mundane or arbitrary, essentially a room for people to hang out and maybe get a drink, his exhibit provided an escape for one who wanted to be exposed to a unique environment. In addition, the elements that made up the room were out of the ordinary and caused one to think about its purpose in the room. Overall, the hostel, complete with couches, an organic juice bar, and Macabbee Shelley on the typewriter, was a unique and interesting presentation and offered a place for one to unwind and just think.

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