Week 9: Conversation w/ Student – Benjamin Zhou

image (37)

This week in Art 110, I talked with Benjamin Zhou. I actually met Benjamin in the beginning of the semester on Week 2 of Art 110, but did not talk to him extensively. Meeting him again this week, I had talked with Benjamin and found out a lot about him.

Benjamin is from West Covina and is a Freshman Business Finance major. He told me he that he chose to attend CSULB primarily because it was not too far and not too close from his home on top of it being a good school. He also told me that he is currently dorming at Parkside like me.

When I asked Ben what he liked to do and what his interests are, he told me that he enjoys playing basketball, skating, and playing video games like League of Legends. He also enjoys listening a most kinds of music except country music, metal, and classical music for personal reasons. And, as we can see by his shirt, he likes Star Wars as well. I’m glad I met Benjamin again and I found him to be a cool and interesting person.


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