Week 9: Activity – Architecture and Urban Planning

Cognitive  Map

image (39)

Adopt A Building

image (38)

The building, or buildings, I chose to adopt was the Parkside Dorms. This is particularly because I am currently dorming at Parkside, making it my home until the end of the year. But in addition to this, I enjoy its sort of isolated atmosphere. The community that exists in Parkside is like a small town on the outskirts of a city. There is a significant distance separating the main campus and the Parkside dorms, yet Parkside is equipped with its own dining hall and laundromat, among other things, that gives the area a sort of self-sufficient feel to it. For me it is a kind of a tranquil hostel away from academics where one can go after a long day of classes to a nice bed and relax.

image (43)

For my redesigned campus, I have made several significant changes to its design. These changes are primarily the movement of the current upper campus, parking lots, and dorms. The reasons for these changes are due to several reasons, primarily the for the purposes of personal convenience and for the general improvement the CSULB community.

The first change, which was the rearrangement of the parking lots into a main and secondary parking lot. This was done to accommodate my other change, which was the movement of the upper campus near the main parking lot. This was done primarily for personal reasons given that I find it annoying at times walking for extended periods of time to get to my classes on upper campus. With the upper campus closer to the main parking lots, which is enlarged to fit the large number of students at CSULB, students can find parking and get to their classes with greater ease.

Another change I made was the movement of the dorms closer to the main campus. In addition, I also decided to integrate all the dorms into one area. The movement of the dorms to the main campus was done for personal reasons similar to the reasons mentioned in the previous paragraph, to minimize the distance between the the two areas. This would not only make the walk less demanding, but would better connect those in the dorms to the school and its utilities. Also, the unification of the dorms into one area would also create a stronger and more diverse environment for students to socialize with each other, instead of being in separate dorm communities like it is now.


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