Week 10: Conversation w/ Student – Richard Truong

This week, I talked to Richard Truong. I met Richard for the first time this past Thursday while waiting for the galleries to open. Neither of us having talked to anyone yet, we naturally had a conversation. Through our conversation, I learned a lot about Richard.

Richard is a first year student like myself and is an Accounting major at CSULB. He says he chose this as his major because he is particularly detail oriented. With this major, Richard wants to get a job in public accounting or one at a commercial bank. Currently Richard is employed at Forever 21 in the Cerritos area, where he commutes from. During our talk, I asked him why he chose to come to CSULB, to which he said that he came here because the school had his desired major whereas his other choice did not.

Richard also has many interests and hobbies. He enjoys playing basketball and has started taking Judo again after a long period of inaction in the martial art. Richard is also currently learning how to ride a motorcycle. He says that he understands the concept and feel of riding a motorcycle, but currently is having trouble with lane splitting. I enjoyed the conversation I had with Richard and I found to be a rather cool person.


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