Week 11: Artist Interview – Gabriel Garcia

I notice that your art focuses a lot on stereotypes. What about stereotyping do you wish to reflect or express?

Mr. Garcia responded to this question saying that there is a reason why all people stereotype. Often a stereotype is based on a certain truth that certain people of a group reflect the stereotype and or do things that reflect the stereotype. He then said that his point is to somewhat exaggerate a stereotype and to put it out in the open for people to see.

What does the piece with “Olangapo” written on it symbolize?

When I asked Garcia this question, he answered saying that the piece itself is a part of a set of pieces on the same topic. This topic he mentioned was the tragedy in the Filipino city of Olangapo where a transgender woman was murdered by a U.S. Marine that realized this one night. Garcia then pointed to an adjacent piece that had written on it the words, “soldier”, “son”, and “killer” which represents the many things the marine is now labeled as.

image (48) image (50) image (49)

How long did your exhibit take to organize and what materials did you use?

Interested in the large scale of Garcia’s exhibit, I asked him how long it took to make the pieces and what he used to make them. He answered saying that he began the project in January and has only recently finished it. He then said that he used charcoal grounds with graphite in combination with ink with various erasures.


I found Gabriel Garcia’s “Toxic Masculinity” to be a very interesting exhibit. Particularly, I found the subject matter and the underlying meaning of the pieces to be very intuitive and reflective of the many issues present in our modern world. I myself enjoyed the exhibit and Garcia’s works really made me think of norms and stereotypes in our world.

image (51)


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