Week 12: Conversation w/ Student – Matt Stahl

image (52)

This week at the art galleries I met Matt Stahl. Matt is a second-year student and commutes to CSULB from Huntington Beach. He currently lives with his mother and is a Design major. He is also considering in minoring in Film in addition to his current major.

After learning what major he was in I was curious what he wanted to do with it and why he chose it. When I asked him, he said that he hopes to get into graphic design to design logos and such. He also added that he chose the major because he is very tech-savvy. As he puts it, “I am the geek squad of my house.”

Matt also has a wide array of hobbies. These include, but are not limited to, running, skiing, playing videogames, paddle boarding, and golfing. Of these, golfing and videogames stuck out because I myself used to play golf and also currently still play videogames. Curious, I asked him if he had any of the new, “next gen” consoles, to which he said that he had an Xbox 1. I found Matt to be a very friendly, interesting, and funny person and wish him luck in his future aspirations.


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