Week 13: Artist Interview – Marty Knop

image (64)    image (65)

How do you choose the colors for your artwork?

After seeing Knop’s work, the wide, random array of colors incorporated was very noticeable. Curious if he chose the colors at random or if there was a process in choosing which colors to use, I asked him how he chose the colors. He responded saying that he generally bases his color choices on cost effectiveness, given that some colors are more expensive than others. But also, he said that with digital printing, the color choices are endless so he must limit himself for coherence. A process he described was that he would have 3 different color choices at 3 different areas of a piece to see what fits.

How long does it take to make your pieces?

Knop responded to this question saying that the larger paintings take up to about 3 weeks to complete, while the smaller ones take less time. He added that generally, it requires a week for him to print the piece and to see how it looks and another 2 weeks for other artistic considerations. These considerations may include making changes in the use of color, design, or shape.

Would you say your art has a more aesthetic value or do you put any meaning behind it?

Knop answered this question very interestingly. He said that he has always been interested in the meaning implied by language or codes, and how one “gets from point A to point B”  by the use of basic units that create a message. To explain this statement, he went on to say that he used many basic 3-dimensional trigonometry functions to create the many designs of his art, where the information used to create it and its end result were the messages of his art. Though he somewhat digressed from my question, I was nonetheless satisfied with his answer, understanding that his art was aesthetic, but it was the elements that made up the work that gave it meaning.


Knop’s gallery on Thursday was a very interesting one. I found the art itself visually stimulating and Knop’s explanation of them to be very insightful and versatile. I particularly enjoyed hearing his explanation on the meaning of his art, which helped me understand that some art, though it may be for generally aesthetic purposes, it is that goal to create an aesthetically stimulating piece that is its message.

image (66)


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