Week 17: Conversation w/ Student – Hunter Demis

image (70)

On Thursday, I met Hunter Demis. Hunter is a first-year student at Long Beach and is a Criminal Justice major. Hunter also hopes to minor in Forensic Science, him being very interested in the sciences. I asked him what made him choose his major and he said that as a child he was inspired by the animated movie, The Great Mouse Detective

Hunter also is an avid music-listener, particularly of EDM. He tells me he really enjoys listening to the EDM duo Vicetoad. I asked him why he liked that group in particular, to which he said that he has been following them for years and saw their gradual rise to success, which created a special connection between him and the group. He also added that he did not like country or classical music.

Talking with Hunter at the galleries was a very pleasant experience and I learned a lot about him through our conversation. I see Hunter as someone who is friendly and is driven in accomplishing his goals and pursuing his interests. I wish Hunter luck in his future and found him to be a very nice guy.


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