Week 15: Artist Interview – Elia Murray

image (74)   image (75)

What inspires you in your artistic process?

Murray responded to this rather enthusiastically, particularly because, as she noted, she has not been asked this question very often. She said that, in general, everything around her inspires her. But in particular, she pointed out that she mainly bases her art around certain poems and articles she finds interesting. Murray then explained that these poems and articles give her a mental image of them, around which she bases all her artistic considerations.

image (76)

I notice that several of your pieces are of dogs and cats. Why is this?

Noticing that several of Murray’s pieces were of dogs and cats, I asked why this was so. Murray replied saying that this is because she draws pet portraits and caricatures and sells them for about 20 or 30 dollars, depending on the size of the portrait. She also said that she owns a dog and a cat, which inspire her pet art.

Have you ever considered illustrating for children’s books?

Murray’s very cartoonish and colorful style reminded me of something out of a children’s book. Given this, I asked if she has ever considered illustrating for them. She answered that she has considered this and has some experience in this field. She advised that you should not go to an author with illustrations because chances are that they do not have the money to pay you for them. Because of this, Murray is currently writing her own children’s book filled with original drawings, poems, and stories.


Murray’s work was not something that was necessarily awe-inspiring or spectacular but it still sparked a unique level of interest in me. Her style that is reminiscent of something out of the many books I read as a child made me feel a sense of nostalgia and youthful hope. It helped me remember a less mature yet more carefree me, a me that has been lost in the process of maturity and age. Overall, I found Murray’s works to be thought-inspiring and reflective of the inner youth in all people, no matter what age they may be.


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