Week 15: Conversation w/ Student – John Sayson

image (73)

On our last meeting at the galleries this week, I met John Sayson. John is a third-year student at Long Beach and commutes from his home in Anaheim. Also, like myself, he is currently studying film at CSULB, both of us being in the same FEA 299 class. I found this aspect to be particularly intriguing because it gave us a common ground to have a conversation about and bridged a way to other conversation topics.

John is a fan of the films of Akira Kurosawa and also many various Korean films. Recognizing the director Akira Kurosawa for his many samurai movies, I asked John if Kurosawa only made samurai films. To my surprise, John told me that Kurosawa also makes films that take place in contemporary society.

As we were discussing film, John then mentioned how the music in a film is what affects him the most of the movie-watching experience, given that he is very musically oriented. After he said this, I then asked him what music he enjoyed listening to. He answered me saying that he enjoyed indie, particularly the bands the Antlers and Belle and Sebastian, and drum and bass. I myself also enjoy the bands John mentioned and many other bands in the indie genre. I really enjoyed talking with John and it felt good to find someone with similar interests and aspirations.


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