Week 4: Artist Interview – Daniel A. Rivera-Echeverria

"Post Tenebras Lux" by Daniel A. Rivera-Echeverria

“Post Tenebras Lux” by Daniel A. Rivera-Echeverria

How did you make this piece?

I asked Daniel how he made his work of art. He answered saying that he made it using small wooden blocks that are painted and layered with string cloth and paper. He initially had 255 blocks for his piece, some of which he gave away to people. He also added that he received a lot of help from family and friends, who assisted him in gathering supplies for the piece. The piece itself took about 2 and a half months to create.

What inspired you to make this piece?

I asked Daniel what inspired him to make his piece Post Tenebras Lux. He responded saying that he was inspired to make the piece by the idea of giving, adding that he was planning to give away the various blocks that made up the work of art. He also said that the piece is about chance and not knowing who you are in hard times, and represents light radiating from the darkness.

What inspires you as an artist in general?

I also asked Daniel what inspires him as an artist in general. He responded by saying that he was always interested in art as a child and is not really sure what inspires him as an artist. He followed this up saying that he simpy just loves art and without it he would feel empty. Because of this he said he likes to experiment with all forms of art such as painting and sculpting.

Daniel A. Rivera-Echeverria

Daniel A. Rivera-Echeverria


Of all the interesting works of art in the galleries on Thursday, I found Daniel’s piece to be the most interesting. I found it interesting primarily due to the setting of the work in the gallery. The piece was in a dark room, illuminated by black lights that lit up several of the wood blocks that made up the work. I also found interesting the artist himself. I admired Daniel’s natural approach to his art and also enjoyed the symbolism he gave to his piece.


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